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luni, 27 iulie 2015


I'm mad that I write
I'm crazy when I sleep,
But when I wake up.
I am a fool, who,
Live in your love,
I vitaminizant soul,
Suspicious visible failure.
I'm a fool ...
You are a hedgehog, you told me,
Looking at my hair with gel,
I am a demon, I thought,
but a good one, with a big soul
And Gel in my hair.
I'm a fool,
I're dreaming, dream night
What stands guard at your door
In the old tower,
Awaiting the sign of love,
Because I am crazy,
With a big heart and hair with gel.
I'm a fool,
When I think of you,
Fool that through dreams,
Always rowing and is so simple,
Because I'm crazy,
Because I love you.

July 2015
Costi Pop

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Va rog, fiti atenti la cuvintele pe care urmeaza sa le scrieti.Bunul simt este cel care trebuie sa primeze si sunt sigur ca asa veti face.Multumesc...:-)
Please pay attention to the words that is going to write here.Common sense is the one that should be a priority and I`m sure you will.Thank you...:-)